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“When I look at the world I see edges first; this translates into my line drawings – they create a space for me to closely observe and understand my surroundings. As I draw the lines start to show me the connections between things, between myself and the world."
Darbey's observational linear drawings are grounded in her daily life in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Images inspired by Bradford's museum collections highlight the city's rich history, whilst her personal sketchbooks reveal prosaic elements of the contemporary world. As David Hockney famously said about the city: "there is magic in it if I look closely."

Darbey wants the rest of us to look closely too. She frequently supports others with projects that help them discover their own drawing abilities. Drawing can instil confidence, connect people to their heritage and give them an opportunity to tell their own stories in a fun, creative way.

If you would like to work with Naseem please get in touch via the contact page. She takes commissions for illustration projects, designs and delivers educational materials and can run workshops using drawing, textiles and digital media.

Darbey's broader artistic practice can be seen at: Here drawing techniques are expanded into textile-based, sculptural artworks.