Drawing Collections
Naseem Darbey Drawing

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Drawing aids discovery; it encourages dialogue and creates new ways of looking at the world.
Darbey has worked with Bradford Museums for over 5 years, as a freelance artist and facilitator, using drawing to stimulate engagement with the museum's collections.

For a drawing-focussed exhibition at Cartwright Hall her line drawings adorned the gallery walls, intervening amongst the treasured museum objects. She co-designs and delivers educational drawing activities and has planned and illustrated publications including an 'Arts Award' explore folder. In the museum setting, drawing has the power to bring to light neglected histories and untold tales whilst enabling visitors to find new stories of their own.

Darbey takes commissions for collections based illustration work and for planning and delivering educational activities. Materials can be designed for school groups, the general public or for in-house staff facilitation or consultation.

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