Drawing Box Project
Naseem Darbey Drawing

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Give people tools, confidence and encouragement to focus on process (rather than the fear of a bad outcome) and everyone can draw.

For The Drawing Box Project Darbey collaborated with Gemma Hobbs to design and distribute 500 'drawing boxes' to the residents, workers and artists of Keighley. The boxes were filled with high quality materials and activity prompts, suitable for all ages. With the theme Your House is a Museum, participants were invited to share favourite objects and use them as inspiration for fun drawing tasks. Printed materials were supplemented with online video tutorials and social media sharing. For non-digital audiences there was an opportunity to watch live demonstrations through the 'gallery' windows at Keighley Creative Space.

This project, alongside Gemma and Naseem's joint role as Creative Lead at Keighley Creative resulted in them being given The Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education in 2021. 

Naseem on BBC Radio Leeds Thursday 1st September 2020.

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