Journals And Sketchbooks
Naseem Darbey Drawing

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Sketchbooks record day to day life; tracking concerns that might otherwise remain subliminal
Sketchbooks are a core part of Darbey's working process. When working on specific commissions they are central to her early-stage research. Alongside this Darbey also uses sketchbooks in a more stand-alone way, as an ongoing form of journaling. Here drawing becomes a tool for mindfulness. The drawings highlight simple pleasures whilst simultaneously offering enchantment or escape from difficult or mundane aspects of daily life.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 Darbey kept a sketchbook as a day to day account of life at home (and in the garden). It is made in the moment but over time the sequencing of pages adds a reflective, narrative element. An earlier sketchbook – recording time spent in Australia – used paper cutting to intentionally create relationships between adjacent pages, leading the viewer on a visual journey.

Darbey offers workshops in drawing, book-making and journaling. Activities can be paper-based or using digital tools such as i-pads and Instagram.