Stitch Drawings
Naseem Darbey Drawing

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Drawing with thread offers spontaneity, it's free and almost brutal. The paper tears and the sewing machine arm blocks full-view of the image. There's no room for precious overworking.
For Darbey stitch-drawing came as a natural progression from her line drawings in pen and ink. It was a step on the way to making larger, paperless drawings and then three dimensional 'hollow drawing' sculptures. These are a mainstay of her sculptural and installation-based practice that can be viewed at

The more modest scale stich-drawings shown here remain an important part of her practice too. Simple figurative observations of a family fancy dress party and observational drawings of a theatre production of Jekyll and Hyde are dynamically captured. The inability to erase the work (you can unpick it, but pin holes remain) leads to a directness, or a loosening-up that compellingly represents these dressing up activities.

Darbey teaches her stitch drawing methods and can facilitate groups who have access to sewing machines and embroidery feet.